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Among us is a multiplayer action game, it is one of the most famous games of 2024. It’s an amazing game, once you will play it, you will be addicted. Some people do not play it because of its graphics but once you will know about the concept of the game you will love it. 

Among Us APK Information

NameAmong Us Mod APK
PublisherInnersloth LLC
Mod FeatureMod Menu, Everything Unlocked
Updated3 days ago
Requirements 6.0 and up
among us mod apk

This is a game where you have to become a deceiver or a detective to eliminate others silently and survive smartly.

There are so many online games on the internet which look similar to Among Us. The main entertainment factor in the game is an interaction between players. That makes this game more entertaining. Every player needs detective skills in order to enjoy and achieve his goals.

If you want to enjoy more fun with your co-players. You should click on the download button for among us mod download. Both for android and iOS versions of Among Us modded version. Download and install Among Us mod apk on your mobile and enjoy the unlocked features.

Among Us Mod Menu Always Imposter (100% Unlocked)

There is also a mod menu for among us game. There are also some among us unlocked features in this version. The among us plus version is also available to play.

among us mod apk

There is a question that how to mod among us? the answer is someone developed the among us. But there is also a version named among us mod menu always imposter. Among us mods handy and among us sheriff mod handy are the two other versions. In some versions among us all skins are available and it’s called among us skin mod.

Among Us Game Plot

All the Details about this among us game are well explained below.

What is Among US?

Among Us game starts with the environment of a spaceship. In this game, two teams are playing. One team is of Astronauts and the second is imposters. Imposters are hidden in the team of astronauts. There are max ten members in the team of all players who can play. With max three members of imposters, the imposters are hidden among the crewmates. 

The astronauts have to complete their tasks. In order to make the spaceship launch, the imposters have to kill the astronauts to win the game without showing their identity. When an imposter kills a crewmember and another crewmember found his body. He has to call a meeting to identify the imposter.

Plot of Among US

The climax of Amongus mod starts in a spaceship. In space astronauts must have to find a way to launch their ship to leave space. There are imposters in the crew they can destroy the ship, kill people, cause destruction and chaos. Astronauts have to try to identify the hidden impostors to save the ship before destruction.

among us mod apk


You will be familiar with the game for sure. You have to play the game in a team with your friends. Understanding rules of Among Us is very simple and easy to understand even you are not familiar with or a new player. 

Among Us does not require a high level of intelligence and skills to be played. Even a person with low Intelligent efficiency can play it smoothly. To enjoy it for hours you can play with your friends or teammates. amongus mods are called among us hacked apk versions. There are also some other websites like techbigs among us.

Among Us Characters 

The most common characters of Among Us game are impostors and astronauts. The role of astronauts is to identify impostors to eliminate them and launch ship. But it’s not easy to identify their identity soon and immediately. 

Astronauts can hold an emergency meeting to identify the destroyers and the ultimate goal is to eliminate impostors and have to launch the ship.

How to Play Among Us

Among Us game starts with the environment in the space, it is the game of astronauts, the game has been played in the space, there are team members in this game, they are called crew members. 

Every member has to complete some tasks, among the crewmembers, there is a killer hidden named Imposter. The imposter has its own tasks and the other teammates have to do their own tasks.

There are two types of playing situations, you can play it online or host it locally. You can host the local match as well, in which you can invite your friends to play this game with you. In the online version, you can host this game. 

You can choose the players to stay or you can drop someone which you don’t want to play with you and your friends. There are total three types of maps in this game you can select anyone.

among us mod apk

There are two types of characters in the game, all are crew members one character is called an astronaut and the second one is called an imposter, imposters are killers and are hidden among the crew members. 

Select Players

You can select one to three imposters, if you choose one imposter then you have to choose a minimum of four and a maximum of ten players or crewmembers. If you choose two imposters then you have to choose a minimum of seven and a maximum of ten crew members. 

If you choose three imposters then you have a minimum of nine and a maximum of ten crew members.

Play Among Us Online with your Friends

You can start your match if you are hosting that match, you have to send a code to your friends to join that match.

If your friends are unavailable, then you can join any public match which will be available online. you can play this game as well with your friends.

When you will start the game, you will find that there is a space shuttle or rocket, in this game you have to complete your task which you will be assigned like other crew members. 

You can talk with the crew members on message but you cannot tell them anything on the call about what is happening in the surroundings. When the game starts you will be aware that there is a killer hidden in your crewmembers, it could be one or three killers. Every member has to read the map and have to complete the assigned tasks.

among us mod apk

Complete the Tasks

With the complete task, you have to identify a hidden imposter and have to report it to eliminate it from the crew and have to win the game. The function of an imposter is to kill other crew members in a secret way without letting anyone know.

For example, when the game starts, I have chosen as an imposter, then I have to hide it that I am an imposter and do not have to tell anyone about it.

When the imposter kills some crew member, then they will call a meeting and try to identify the imposter, then they will vote it and throw him out of the ship into space. It may be an imposter or not. 

If you are an imposter then you have to blame other crew members for an imposter to eliminate them from the crew. All members will vote and if the votes go against him, he will be kicked off from spacecraft, being an imposter it’s your role to win the game. For voting, you just have to click on the tick mark on your screen. If the vote goes against some member, he will be thrown out from the space shuttle.

among us mod apk

Character of Imposter

Being an imposter in the Among Us action game, you have to take this thing in your mind that when you will kill a crew member then there should not other people to see you. If someone sees you doing this, then there will be voting against you and you will be kicked off from the spaceship and lose the game.

There is wind space in the hand of an imposter to move from one place to another, this power is only belonging to the imposter because he knows where he has to go from one place to other to eliminate astronauts. You do not have to use this wind in front of another member, otherwise, he will detect you and expose you and you will be exposed. Among us game is like zooba game.

Being an imposter, you have to complete the task like other crew members in order to hide your identity as being a destroyer. For completing the task, a player has to check the map and after checking he can easily complete the task in the game.

among us mod apk

Role of Astronauts

Astronauts have to complete the tasks carefully. Because imposters can get benefit to light off and will kill the astronaut. The astronauts have to vote carefully because false voting will lead a crew member out of the game and the imposter will get the benefit of this thing.

Among US game has low graphics but the concepts are very good and interesting. Also cover fire mod apk is an amazing game to play.

Features of Among Us mod

  • Ten players can play this game.
  • Custom clothes to make the appearance of your character good.
  • Message and chat function to communicate among the players.
  • Creative tasks to engage the players to enjoy the game.
  • Wonderful Graphics to make a real feel in the among us modded.
  • Available for all platforms including among us for PC, among us mod for Android, and among us mod iOS.
among us mod apk

How to install Among US Modded on Android devices

Follow the steps down below to install Among Us on your Android Device.

  • Download the needed file of Among Us android mod APK from the provided link.
  • Open the settings menu of your device.
  • Find the menu of Enable Unknown Sources on your android device.
  • To install the downloaded mod APK for among us, tap or click on it.
  • Wait to complete the installation process, after the installation process is complete, start playing the among us unlocked features.
among us mod apk


Go to our website download section and Download the apk file to install among us mod menu.

You do not have to worry about it that among us hack mobile of the user who install it, among us mod apk is a safe file. download among us mod free and play and enjoy among us apk file.

To download among us apk mod click on download button on our website.

Yes, mod files are safe you can download from trusted sites just like us.


Thank you very much for giving your time to read the whole article about Among US mod apk free download. What thing you are waiting for now, Download Among Us mod APK and start playing with your friends, to enjoy the unlocked experience there is also an action fighting game you can play. If they are not aware about this game or don’t know how to play it. Share the link of this article and ask them to read it for complete understanding. Don’t forget to visit our site for frequent updates about Among Us game.


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How to install Among Us Mod APK (Full Unlocked) Download Latest Version APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Among Us Mod APK (Full Unlocked) Download Latest Version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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